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Registration of LLC by a foreign citizen / foreign company / foreign capital / non-resident

clock5 days
money7 500 rubles
gift2 months
of accounting as a gift

Novozhilov & Partners is a professional registrar of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in Moscow and Moscow Region.

Registration of LLC by a foreign citizen / company in Russia or in Moscow is regulated by the law on registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The law does not establish any restrictions on the creation of a company with foreign citizens. A non-resident can freely establish a company in Russia.

Registration of LLC with a foreign entity differs from the registration of a Russian LLC only in a set of documents and filling out an application for state registration of a company.

Opening LLC in Moscow without knowledge of Russian law is very difficult for a foreigner, even taking into account the availability of special services and programs.

In order to avoid mistakes and possible bureaucratic red tape, it is better to entrust the registration of LLC with a foreign founder to professionals.

The provision of legal services for the registration of LLC with foreign participation is our specialty. We have accumulated extensive experience in company formation and fine-tuned all the processes, so that the registration of LLC with the tax office is made without refusal.

To open LLC in Moscow you need to provide the information below and come to our office once to sign the documents. Your company will be ready in 5-7 days.

We will:

  1. Consult and answer your questions for free;
  2. Help you to choose the right OKVED codes (Russian National Classifier of Types of Economic Activity);
  3. Explain which taxation system is suitable for you specifically;
  4. Prepare all the necessary documents;
  5. Ensure the participation of the interpreter in signing the documents;
  6. Make an appointment with the notary in priority;
  7. Pay the state duty and notarial services;
  8. Hand over the documents for registration and ensure their receipt;
  9. Open a bank account for free;
  10. Give you a company seal as a gift;
  11. Hand out a ready-made set of documents.

The cost of registering LLC by a foreign citizen in Moscow is 29,300 rubles.

The cost calculation is given for the registration of LLC with 1 founder and includes the following costs:



Consultation of a lawyer and accountant


Preparation of all necessary documents

5,000 RUR

Visiting a notary’s office in priority

2,500 RUR

Submission of documents to Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Taxation Service No. 46 under Power of Attorney

Getting the result

Additional charges:

Legal address for 11 months (in case of absence)

from 15,000 RUR

State duty

4,000 RUR

Seal with a simple tool set

as a gift

Notary costs

from 2,800 RUR

Translator/Interpreter services

from 2,000 RUR


29,300 RUR

Above you can find the total cost of LLC registration in Moscow, so it’s up to you to choose the service you are interested in and pay only for it, for example, you can order the service: preparation of documents for LLC.

What is needed to register LLC?

  1. A copy of the passport of the founder and General Director;
  2. Name of the company being established;
  3. Choose a tax system (Simplified Tax System, General Tax System);
  4. Select types of economic activities by OKVED (Russian National Classifier of Types of Economic Activity);
  5. Provide a letter of guarantee of legal address.
  6. Other documents (discussed individually)

In order to save your time all documents can be sent to us by e-mail, and the originals can be brought with you to sign the documents by the notary.

The period of LLC registration in Moscow (from conclusion of the contract to receipt of ready-made documents) is 7 working days.

In general, the turnkey LLC registration service in Moscow is as follows:

  1. Conclusion of an agreement on LLC registration in Moscow. Discussion of individual wishes, coordination of consultation terms of lawyers and accountants;
  2. Signing of constituent documents, visiting the notary’s office with a client;
  3. Issuance of power of attorney, filing a set of documents to the tax office;
  4. Tracking the registration process, obtaining documents from the tax office;
  5. Transfer of finished documents to the client, signing of the acceptance certificate of the transfer of services.

All questions of interest to the topic such as registration of LLC by a foreign citizen in Moscow, registration of LLC with a foreign founder, registration of LLC in Moscow with a non-resident, or registration of LLC in IFTS 46, as well as turnkey registration of LLC in Moscow with a legal address, you can specify by e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. or by contacting us at: 8 (495) 142-58-26 the LLC registration attorney will be pleased to help you.